“At Innovators Legal, we understand the unique legal needs of research universities, deep technology startup companies, and venture capital investors. These entities are often at the forefront of innovation, and require legal assistance capable of helping them to navigate complex intellectual property, corporate, business agreement, and due diligence issues.”

Our team comprises both experienced legal practitioners and technologists with years of R&D and business experience, which gives us a unique advantage in providing comprehensive guidance. Please browse our services further below or contact us to start a conversation.

Areas of Service

Research universities must protect their valuable intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, while also ensuring that they comply with government regulations related to research funding. Our firm can assist with all of this, including technology transfer agreements, licensing agreements, and patent prosecution to help universities monetize their intellectual property assets. Hard technology startup companies face a variety of legal challenges as they develop and commercialize cutting-edge products and services. Innovators Legal can provide assistance with intellectual property protection, including patent applications, trademark registrations, and trade secret agreements. We can also help with company formation, corporate governance, financing transactions, employment agreements, and due diligence to ensure that startups are well-positioned for growth and success. Venture capital investors play a crucial role in supporting the growth of technology startups, and our firm can assist with a variety of legal needs related to investment transactions. We can help with due diligence, term sheet negotiation, and shareholder agreements to ensure that investors are able to protect their interests and maximize their return on investment. Additionally, we can assist with fund formation and compliance to help investors navigate complex regulatory requirements.

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