Our goal in every representation is to become an extension of our client’s team. We seek to understand the full structure of our clients’ business visions and strategies so that we can bring the understanding and attention of in-house counsel to companies at every stage. Below is a list of our standard areas of service. Services and pricing structures can be adapted to fit the needs of your organization. In addition to hourly work, we offer fixed fee per project, retainer, and blended options to create complete cost transparency and predictability. Contact us to discuss the ways we can serve your company or university at Innovators Legal.

Due Diligence

Our team is well versed in every aspect of diligence in the investment, purchase, and divestiture of intellectual property and technology companies associated therewith. We frequently represent companies and investors navigating complex multimillion-dollar investments in technologies and technology companies across diverse industry sectors from chemistry and materials, to hardware and software, to pharma and biotechnology.

Retained "In-House" Counsel

A core competency and strength of our practice is our ability to integrate with our clients to become an extension of their team, developing strategy and managing or replacing outside counsel. In many cases we function as a retained in-house/general counsel or retained in-house IP department that can grow and scale with their business.

Agreements and Negotiations

We’ve assisted our clients in navigating a variety of complex agreement negotiations, and we bring the legal expertise to accurately memorialize those business agreements into legally binding contracts that secure our clients’ rights and help to minimize liabilities. We have experience with a range of agreements that often impact early-stage technology companies.


Practitioners can offer assistance with a range of opinions and work with clients to ensure the scope of opinion is stage-appropriate for the business and the circumstances. Our practitioners can provide opinions on patentability/invalidity, non-infringement, freedom-to-operate.


We can prepare, file, prosecute, and maintain applications for U.S. utility, design, and plant patents, and coordinate with trusted legal professionals across the globe to obtain and maintain patents in foreign countries. We have experience helping a range of clients develop complex patent portfolios across the globe to protect their business and to make them attractive targets for acquisition.

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For many companies, your name may be your most important asset. We can help your company to register and maintain critical trademarks and service marks in the U.S. and abroad.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are often misunderstood by early-stage and even later-stage companies and, unlike many other areas of IP, you often won’t know how strong your trade secrets are until it is time to assert trade secret rights. Our professionals can help you evaluate your business practices and procedures to implement best practices in managing your valuable trade secrets.


We can assist you in registering your copyright in computer software and other creative works. Copyright is an often overlooked form of protection outside of the software and artistic industries, but can form a valuable component of IP protection for companies in any industry.

Litigation Support and Strategy

We’ve assisted our clients in navigating complex disputes around their intellectual property. Working with outside service providers, we can assist in navigating these disputes with an emphasis on finding business solutions in a cost-efficient manner.