“Our ‘Innovators In-House’ seconded law firm model allows us to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ legal departments or, where they don’t have an established legal department, to help them begin creating one. As retained in-house counsel, our Innovators In-House practitioners provide our clients with tailored legal services that meet their specific needs. Through this approach, we gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ business goals and legal needs, leading to cost-effective legal services and value creation for our clients while controlling legal spend.”

Partial secondments refer to the arrangement where external lawyers and other legal practitioners dedicate all or part of their working time within a client’s business. This model is beneficial to clients as it provides them with access to legal expertise while also allowing them to maintain control over their legal team’s structure and budget. The benefits of partial secondments include increased collaboration between the law firm and the client, cost savings, and a more efficient workflow. For law firms, this approach provides a deeper understanding of their clients’ businesses, leading to better legal advice and long-term relationships.

We refer to this as our “Innovators In-House” service model, and this is a core competency of our team. Often, our retained in-house counsel can take the role of a general counsel, retained in-house IP counsel, or even an entire legal department that can grow and scale with our client’s business. 

Innovators In-House Services

Why should you consider having retained in-house counsel?

Irrespective of whether you are a startup developing new technology, a research university, or a venture capital investment firm, there can be many benefits to having competent legal professionals that are retained internally to your team. It provides more predictable and consistent legal spending and can even lower costs for legal services. Even more critical, our in-house counsel brings the benefits of a deeper understanding of your company and can respond with agility to any sudden business needs. Companies with retained internal counsel will also typically experience fewer problems arising from inattention to the proactive and preventive legal tasks that help companies create value and manage risks.

Today, more than ever, clients can engage fractional in-house counsel to elevate their business to the next level. In the new, modern, remote workforces, our team has been able to serve retained in-house counsel roles from coast to coast, helping entrepreneurs, tech transfer offices, and investors more effectively manage their legal risks, create significant value through their intellectual property, and navigate the complex business relationships and transactions necessary to bring new technologies to the market.