“Over 80% of the value in the S&P500 is in intangible assets. IP facilitates collaboration between companies. Strong protections allow you to avoid 3rd party conflicts and navigate external IP rights while giving you an ability to partner or collaborate with a third party – ensuring that both parties’ technologies are secure.”

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) ensures companies maintain a competitive advantage and a right to win in the marketplace. Intellectual Property allows innovators to create a space where only their business can operate and prevent others from making, using, or selling their invention.

IP especially protects the small companies that require partnerships with large firms to bring technologies to market. Innovators Legal provides a unique combination of technical expertise and legal experience to deliver a wide range of intellectual property (IP) legal services. Supporting the distinct IP needs of technology innovators is the key focus for Innovators Legal and is made possible by the extensive and varied backgrounds of our team. Our experts work directly with your company to understand your technology and how best to protect it to maintain your competitive advantage.

IP Strategy

Innovators Legal is experienced in helping partners strategize how to work in complex IP landscapes and work with third parties, as well as helping them implement plans to create value long term. As small technology companies expand, the majority of their value is their IP.

A key part of IP strategy is budgeting, prioritizing and understanding what critical aspects of a technology need immediate protection. Understanding the true lifetime cost of patents is another priority, as the initial and annual costs can compound without proper planning.

Patent Preparation & Prosecution

At the heart of the Innovators Legal practice is the process of patent preparation and prosecution. We are actively engaged before USPTO prosecuting various patents. Innovators Legal’s Ph.D practitioners have a wide breadth of experience preparing provisional and nonprovisional patents, both US PCT and foreign applications. We work with a network of carefully cultivated foreign associates to manage foreign prosecution.

Innovators Legal isn’t billing clients to process anything as a patent, our practice is focused on securing valuable patents and creating profitable business assets that prevent thirdparties from circumventing your IP.

Trademark Clearance & Registration

Innovators legal can assist with both word mark and design mark clearance for US and foreign trademarks and help clients manage trademark infringement risk by choosing marks to develop strong brands and brand recognition. If strategically important, we work with trusted foreign associates to file directly abroad so filings are valid under US registration and the Madrid System for international registration.

Protecting Trade Secrets

Companies often need help understanding what should be considered a trade secret instead of patented and how it should be protected and managed. Innovators legal has broad experience across various industries in how to maintain your competitive advantage, protect your business with trade secrets and with counselling clients on building a trade secret protection plan.

IP Licensing

IP Due Diligence

IP Competitive Monitoring

IP Monetization

For us, being a boutique law firm is more than a specialization in a particular area of law. Our legal services are thoughtfully designed around the core competencies needed to bring new technologies to market across various industries.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how we can partner for your unique legal needs.